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L'Empire des Loups - The empire of the Wolves

This is an absolutely brilliant film! if you want real action that's not too far fetched, a real story, and some culture thrown in the mix, then this is definitely the film for you!

The captain of the Police, Paul Nerteaux, is enquiring into the deaths of three Turkish women who's bodies were found in the streets of Paris and were badly mutilated, before they were murdered.
He engages the help of an old colleague Jean-Louis Schiffer, who's tenacity he knows well, he has to go and fetch him out of a retired Policeman's home. Jean-Louis used to be a Policeman in Turkey, so he knows the Turkish people and their cutoms well, but he was also feared because he was very thorough with investigations and didn't mind torturing the arrested criminals to get the information that he wanted.

In the course of the investigation, the two men meet Anna Heymes, the wife of a top person who works for the ministry of the interior. Anna Heymes suffers from hallucinations and amnesia to the point where she doean't even recognise her own husband and doubts his honesty.

Things are not always as they seem to everyone involved.

Cast and crew:

Jean Reno - Jean-Louis Schiffer
Jocelyn Quivrin - Paul Nerteaux
Arly Jover - Anna
Laura Morante - Mathilde

Director: Chris Nahon

Adapted from the book of the same name by Jean-Christophe Grangé

Gaumont Columbia Tristar Films.

L'empire des Loups - Arly & husband - Jean Reno

L'empire des Loups - outside Parisian nightclub - Jean Reno

L'empire des Loups - telling it straight - Jean Reno

L'empire des Loups - asking the Turk community - Jean Reno

L'empire des Loups - knowing what's happening - Jean Reno

L'empire des Loups - showdown in cemetary - Jean Reno

Jean Reno with gun in L'empire des Loups

L'empire des Loups - double dealings? - Jean Reno

L'empire des Loups - the evil father - Jean Reno

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