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Tais Toi! - Filmcover - Jean Reno & Gerard Depardieu

This film stars the two biggest filmstars in France! One being, Jean Reno, and the other, Gerard Depardieu.

It starts of with Quentin (Gerard Depardieu), who seems a bit simple minded, trying to rob le bureau de change in mistake for a bank, he ends up in jail. Ruby (Jean Reno) is having an affair with the wife of a big time crook. The big time man finds out and murders his wife, Ruby ends up robbing the men who have just held up of a security van, these men were the big time mans stooges, so Ruby ends up in jail too.
Quentin is the kind of guy who can't keep his mouth shut in jail, he gets into trouble because he doesn't keep his thoughts to himself, but he can fight his own way out of it and is moved from cellmate to cellmate. Ruby however, won't say a word to anyone, he is heartbroken and wants revenge on the man who killed his love. Quentin and Ruby end up in the same cell, Quentin is always talking, Ruby says nothing, he just looks into space all of the time. One night, Quentin wakes up to find that Ruby has slashed his wrists, he calls for help. Ruby ends up in a psychiatric ward, not long after, Quentin does something stupid and ends up there too, he wants to be with his new found friend. Quentin ends up making a phonecall, him and Ruby end up escaping with a bit of help from a mate and a crane.
Once out of prison, Ruby keeps trying to get rid of Quentin, he doesn't want him cramping his style whilst he's out to get his revenge. There are lots of laughs and lots of action to be seen on this film, it's like a cat and mouse game, and even though ruby is trying to get rid of Quentin all of the time, they always end up saving each others skins.

Cast and Director:

Gérard Depardieu .... Quentin
Jean Reno .... Ruby
Richard Berry .... Commissaire Vernet
André Dussollier .... Le psychiatre de la prison
Jean-Pierre Malo .... Vogel
Jean-Michel Noirey .... Lambert
Laurent Gamelon .... Mauricet
Aurélien Recoing .... Rocco
Vincent Moscato .... Raffi
Ticky Holgado .... Martineau
Michel Aumont .... Nosberg
Leonor Varela .... Katia/Sandra
Loic Brabant .... Jambier (as Loïc Brabant)
Arnaud Cassand .... Bourgoin
Edgar Givry .... Vavinet
Adrien Saint-Joré .... Adolescent #1 (as Adrien Saint-Jore)
Johan Libéreau .... Adolescent #2
Guy Delamarche .... Lefevre
Rebecca Potok .... Mme Lefevre
Stéphane Boucher .... Le gardien chef
Ludovic Berthillot .... Le gros taulard
Thierry Ashanti .... Le taulard noir
Pierre Rousselle .... Le flic #1
Michaël Troude .... Le flic #2
Norbert Haberlick .... Le flic #3
Antoine Blanquefort .... Le flic #4
Eric Vanzetta .... Le caissier de la banque (as Vanzetta)
Dominique Parent .... L'employé bureau de change #1
Luq Hamet .... L'employé bureau de change #2 (as Luq Hamett)
Gérard Renault .... Le policier gradé
Pétronille Moss .... L'infirmière hôpital prison
Guillaume De Tonquedec .... L'interne hôpital prison
Jean Dell .... Le radiologue asile psychiatrique
Stéphane Jacquot .... L'infirmier jardin asile
Philippe Brigaud .... Le malade jardin asile (celui qui dit "merde")
Thierry Nenez .... Le consommateur du bristrot
François Gamard .... Le patron du bistrot
Julien Cafaro .... Le conducteur voiture toît défoncé
Valentin Merlet .... Le loubard #1
Romain Redler .... Le loubard #2
Armelle Deutsch .... La fille au portable
Alain Fourès .... Le conducteur de l'Opel (as Alain Foures)
Arnaud Le Bozec .... Le flic camionnette banalisée

Director: Fracis Veber

Distributed by: UFD

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Jean Reno & Gerard Depardieu in Tais Toi!

Gèrard Depardieu

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