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Subway filmcover - Jean Reno

Subway is filmed mostly inside the more hidden parts of the Paris Subway system.
A young woman, Helena, is having an affair with a young blond man called Fred, Christophe Lambert. She is bored of her life and resents her husband planning her life out for her. She invites Fred to a party at her home, where Fred decides to blow her husbands safe and rob it. Along with whatever else he gets, he steals a file containing stuff about Helena. He then proceeds to try and blackmail Helena for 5,000,000 francs for the file back. Helena goes looking for Fred, but so does her husbands gangster friends and so does the Police.
Fred disappears into the life that lives underground at a Paris subway station. The dropouts down there mostly live on pickpocketing and stealing from the subway passengers and shops there. Jean Reno, is one of his friends, he's the drummer in the underground band. Fred has it in his mind to create a concert in the subway, he also holds up a train and takes the money.

A lot of cat and mouse action ensues. It's a pretty good thriller on the whole. Jean looks very young in this film, I think as the years go by, they make him all the more handsome and sexier as he gets older.

Cast and Director:

Helena ... Isabell Adjani
Fred ... Christohe Lambert
Le fleurist ... Richard Bohringer
Le Commisaire Gesberg ... Michel Galabru
Le Roller ... Jean Hughes Anglade
Le chef de staiton ... Jean Bouise
Batman ... Jean-Pierre Bacri
Robin ... Jean-Claude Legas
Jean ... Pierre-Ange Le Pogan
Le Batteur ... Jean Reno
Le Bassiste ... Eric Serra
Le chanteur ... Arthur Simms
Le Guitariste ... Michel D'Oz
Le Saxophoniste ... Alain Guillard

Director: Luc Besson

Distribution: Island Alive

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Subway - Christopher Lambert - Jean Reno

Subway - Isabell Adjani - Jean Reno

Subway - The Subway Band - Jean Reno

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