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Ronin - Filmcover - Jean Reno & Robert De Niro

Ronin, is by far Jean Reno's best film to date, and at least it's an action film where he doesn't get killed for a change. To me, this is a grown ups version of, James Bond, and it is well worth watching over and over again.

A freelance gang of ex-secret agents are on a mission to steal a small case in Paris, they don't even know who they are stealing it for, and they don't know what's in it? They are all doing it for a good price though. Robert De Niro, stars alongside, Jean, in this film,and to be honest, they actually compliment each other.

I would love to see them in a follow up of, Ronin, it was certainly left open for a follow up. There are some of the best car chases in film history in this film, and some interesting gun battles, there is also two of my favourite pieces of music from all time in it: 'Time to say goodbye' by Sarah Brightman, and 'Rhapsody of a theme of Paganini' by Rachmanikov.

Robert De Niro ... Sam
Jean Reno ... Vincent
Natascha McElhone ... Deirdre
Stellan Skarsgård ... Gregor
Sean Bean ... Spence
Skipp Sudduth ... Larry
Michael Lonsdale ... Jean-Pierre
Jan Triska ... Dapper Gent
Jonathan Pryce ... Seamus
Ron Perkins ... Man with the newspaper
Féodor Atkine ... Mikhi
Katarina Witt ... Natacha Kirilova
Bernard Bloch ... Sergi
Dominic Gugliametti ... Clown ice skater
Alan Beckworth .... Clown ice skater

Director: John Frankenheimer


The café & steps in Ronin, Paris.

Jean Reno and Robert De Niro talking in Ronin

Meeting in Ronin

Ronin - jean Reno and Robert De Niro in cafe

Jean Reno at the ballet in Ronin

Jean Reno in his hat - Ronin

Robert De Niro

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