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Godzilla - Filmcover

I'm not a one for monster movies, but, Jean Reno makes this the best monster movie ever!

Jean, is a French secret service agent, and has gone to New York, because the French atom bombs tested in the South Pacific has unleashed a giant Lizard onto the world. So, Jean, is there to sort it out. Matthew Brodrick, is the main star in this, but this film would be nothing without the suave and sexy Jean there.
Jean, Matthew, and Jean't french team join forces to go and find the monster, the monster is hiding on the underground of new York, and is laying eggs in the American football bowl. It's a race agains time to be rid of the monster and it's self made offspring.
It's quite a good story and has plenty of action and some very funny bits in it.

Jean, looks absolutely gorgeous in his white Doctor's coat whilst questioning an oriental fisherman about the monster....

Matthew Broderick ... Dr. Niko Tatopoulos
Jean Reno ... Philippe Roaché
Maria Pitillo ... Audrey Timmonds
Hank Azaria ... Victor 'Animal' Palotti
Kevin Dunn ... Col. Hicks
Michael Lerner ... Mayor Ebert
Harry Shearer ... Charles Caiman (WIDF anchor)
Arabella Field ... Lucy Palotti
Vicki Lewis ... Dr. Elsie Chapman
Doug Savant ... Sgt. O'Neal
Malcolm Danare ... Dr. Mendel Craven
Lorry Goldman ... Gene (mayor's aide)
Christian Aubert ... Jean-Luc
Philippe Bergeron ... Jean-Claude
Frank Bruynbroek .... Jean-Pierre

Director: Roland Emmerich

Columbia/Tristar Studios

All pictures belong to their respective owners with gratitude. All text belongs to me.