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Leon - The Professional - Filmcover - Jean Reno

Leon aka The Professional, is the film that brought Jean Reno his most famous film role up to that date.
Leon is a lost soul, he kills for money, he is an assassin. He keeps himself to himself, that is until he meets, Mathilda. The little girl of 12 years old lives down the hall from him in an apartment, she sometimes picks up groceries for him, usually Milk. Her father sells drugs for the local drug dealer, who is also a top Policeman, and a very wicked person, her step mother and sister haven't time for her, the only one she loves is her 4 year old brother. But one day, after a drug deal has gone down badly, her whole family get killed by the Cops whilst she is out buying groceries. She ends up banging on, Leons, door. He lets her in and they kind of look after each other and have a bond between them, all they have is each other in this world.
Mathilda makes, Leon, want to settle down and have a proper home and her as his family, but Mathilda, has other ideas though, she wants revenge on the people that killed her little brother. Leon's, so called friend, who gets him his 'jobs' wants him to carry on killing for money.

Mathilda, puts a very dangerous situation in action... Is there any way out?.....

I can't help but look at Mathilda as a user, if it wasn't for her Leon, would still be around, bt in other ways she is his savoir. Poor Leon was also being sed, and betrayed by Tony all of the time though ...

This was the very first film I ever saw Jean Reno in, in around about 1985, I fell in love with him the very first time I laid eyes on him. Everyone always rates this film as Jean's best, although I do love this film, I think that 'Roseann's Grave', 'Ronin' and 'L'empire des Loups' are much better suited to his acting abilities.

Cast and Director:

Jean Reno ... Leon
Gary Oldman ... Stansfield
Natalie Portman ... Mathilda
Danny Aiello ... Tony
Peter Appel ... Malky
Willi One Blood ... 1st Stansfield man
Don Creech ... 2nd Stansfield man
Keith A. Glascoe ... 3 rd Stansfield man
Randolph Scott ... 4 th Stansfield man
Michael Badalucco ... Mathilda's Father
Ellen Greene ... Mathilda's Mother
Elizabeth Regen ... Mathilda's Sister
Carl J. Matusovich ... Mathilda's Brother
Frank Senger ... Fatman
Lucius Wyatt Cherokee ... Tonto (as Lucius Wyatt 'Cherokee')

Director: Luc Besson

Music: Eric Serra.
Also, Bjork's...'Venus as a boy' is on the film, but beware, this track is not on the CD album soundtrack.

Distributors: Sony Pictures

The bits we've missed before the Director's cut:



"Acclaimed French film-maker LUC BESSON has ruled out a sequel to hit movie LEON in a bid to end the countless script offers he's received.
The director has been flooded with possible follow-ups to the 1994 smash starring JEAN RENO and a young NATALIE PORTMAN but insists they've only served to put him off the project for good.
He says, "No, I don't think so.
"People say 'Oh, I've written the sequel - here! I'll send you the script.' And I basically send a lawyer and say 'F*** you! It's not yours'. It's not love. It's stealing. These guys are just thieves that's all.
"If we do a sequel, I will write the sequel. I don't need anyone." ..."

(From: Movie & Entertainment News provided by World Entertainment News Network (

Good for him, what plagarists there are out there!

Leon - Dial this number - Jean Reno

Leon - Mathilda - Jean Reno

Leon - Stansfield getting the 'buzz' - Jean Reno

Leon - Cleaning the gun - Jean Reno

Leon and his milk - Jean Reno

Leon looking thoughtful - Jean Reno

Leon kissing Mathilda goodbye - Jean Reno

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