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Les anges de l'apocalypse - Crimson Rivers 2 - Filmcover - Jean Reno

Aka: The crimson rivers II; The angels of the Apocalypse.

This is the follow up story of the first 'Les rivéres pourpres/The crimson rivers'. It doesn't seem related directly, but you will soon find out that it contains the same kind of neo-Nazi kind of theme.

Commissioner Neimans', day is going from bad to worse. The body he found in a monastery seems to point to a ritualistic sacrifice, and there is a feeling of something ery strange coming up.
At the very same time, young police captain Reda (Benoit Magimel ... 'Les enfants de la siecle'), finds a man in agony and who doesn't say very much. Very mysteriously, this man who's in agony, DNA, is an exact DNA match for, Jesus Christ.
Reda, soon finds out that his case is directly linked to, Neimans'. But is the Apocalypse really starting, as all signs seem to indicate?
Who are these strange Ninja kind of Monastic dressed men who are going around seemingly killing people at random? Who are the twelve men in a photograph depicting 'The last supper', and why are they being systematically murdered?

Nieman's and Reda are soon joined on the case by Marie (Camille Natta), who deciphers Christian mythology. They are soon to learn that they are looking at a group called the 'Angels of the Apokalypse', which is run by a German economic minister (Christopher Lee), who is hell bent on destroying the world as we know it.

A really good action film with a really good storyline to it. France can definitely do action packed movies that actually contain a good story too, very unlike Hollywood.

Cast and Director:

Jean Reno ... Commissaire Niemans
Benoît Magimel ... Reda
Christopher Lee ... Heinrich von Garten
Camille Natta ... Marie
Johnny Hallyday ... L'ermite borgne
Gabrielle Lazure ... La femme de Jésus
Augustin Legrand ... Jésus
Serge Riaboukine ... Père Vincent
André Penvern ... Père Dominique
Francis Renaud ... Flic Reda 1
David Saracino ... Flic Reda 2
Michaël Abiteboul ... Flic 1
Eriq Ebouaney ... Flic 2
Jo Prestia ... Emilio
Cyril Raffaelli ... Prêtre tueur

Director: Olivier Dahan

Distributed by: EuropaCorp Distribution

Jean Reno - Les anges de l'apocalypse - Pictures & Film stills

Les anges des Apocalypse - Jean Reno

Jean Reno in the Crimson Rivers 2

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