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Nightmares and Fantasies (working title)
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Ellie is only the working name for this one, but this novel is actually a piss-take of myself and my obsession with the gorgeous and sexy French actor, Jean Reno.

* * * * *

Ellie hasn't much of a life, so she takes to writing fan fiction. She writes stories with her film star idol in mind, because even though she adores him, she thinks some of his films are total crap.

She ends up being taken on by a literary agent and her book goes to the top of the best-sellers list. Then part of her dream comes true, her idol wants to star in the film of the book, but Ellie has stipulated in the contract that her idol's wife never gets to play in the film. The idol's bimbo of a wife is dying to star in it, as she has been trying to make a name for herself for years in the film world, and only marrying the idol to further her own non-career.

Ellie won't sell her soul just for money, but she would do it willingly for love.

A big media argument ensues between Ellie and the bimbo, but Ellie perseveres. She gets her way, her idol stars in the film and wins an Oscar; and Ellie finally gets to walk away with her man.



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