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A Crime To Love
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I started this back in 2004; it was my very first attempt at writing a novel, and the first time I'd written an actual story since being at secondary school. Although this was mostly finished as a first draft, I had the sudden inspiration for, 'The man with the child in his eyes,’ and so put this down to write that and then the sequel.

I gave my hero of a beta-reader, Shane, the first draft of this to read some time ago, and she loved it, saying it was fast paced, so I shall be picking this up in the future and editing it properly. 

* * * * *

A top French Police detective, Antoine De Rochefort, begins a passionate love affair with a stripper named Ellie. He meets her when she is brought in for questioning after illegal gambling is suspected in a strip-joint bust. They both realise that they have a very strong sexual chemistry with one another and within days they are in love as well as in lust. 

Their affair is going from strength to strength and Antoine is determined to leave his wife for Ellie once his daughter has left school. But his wife eventually catches on; she's a very cold woman, inside and outside of the bedroom, but she wants to keep her husband. She devises a cunning plan to separate the two lovers, one which she knows will make her husband stay with her. Her plan works very well for a while and he stays because he loves his children. The wife then does something to make her husband hate her and he finally plucks up the courage and leaves. 

Antoine doesn't know where his lover, Ellie, is and falls into bad company and helps with plans to commit a huge robbery. In the background of this story, there is a murder/rapist on the loose who is wanted in two continents. The murderer happens to be an acquaintance of Antoine’s and is in on the crime that is being planned.

Antoine eventually meets up with Ellie again and finds out that he is the father to her little girl. They start over, playing at happy families, but get parted once more, this time it is by something terrible and beyond both of their controls.

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