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The Yearning (working title)

A Crime To Love
Hey, Little One
The Sequel (working title)
The Lady With The Peridot Eyes
The Yearning (working title)
Woman undone (working title)
Nightmares and Fantasies (working title)
A Simple Girl (working title)
Sometimes I do Poetry too
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A courier girl, Edina, delivers more than just the postage when she comes into the life of rich company owner François Blanchard, she brings a breath of fresh air with her. After being involved in a traffic accident, François asks her to go and work in his company instead. Outside working hours, Edina is a biker girl with lots of friends, she’s very friendly and soon introduces François to a different kind of life when she realises that he’s often on his own at home.

François falls in love with Edina, but even though he’s unhappily married, he’s honourable and faithful and won’t do anything about his feelings towards. Then his world comes crashing down when, after nine months of working for him, Edina suddenly hands in her notice and leaves to travel the world. Now François has to start to pick up the pieces of his life and succumbs to the wishes of his wife, but still his life is incomplete and he has to decide what he’s going to do to finally gain some happiness.

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