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2007 - 2008

When I had finished, ‘The man with the child in his eyes,’ with its happily ever after ending, I knew it wasn't really the end. Oh yes, it would stand alone as a good novel, but for me there was more and I had to write it down, if only for myself. I have dealt with some very dark stuff in this second novel; jealousy, guilt, confessions, fear, misunderstandings, loathing and embarrassment. 

Can you love someone too much, so much, that it consumes you and drives you into pushing them to the very edge of reason. This is the continuing story of Samantha and Pierre. 

Samantha has to learn to live with her past sexual abuse as a child, it's not easy, but she does her best in the only ways she knows how. She is happy, she has a man whom she loves more than life itself and who loves and adores her. But her past still causes her a lot of self-doubt issues and her life is a perpetual storm in a tea-cup. 
Her past psychologically affects Pierre too. He wants to do what is best for her, but doesn't always know where to turn and how to deal with certain situations. He tries to be everything to her and make her totally dependent on him; he wants to keep her solely to himself. But this isn't to just protect her state of mind, it is because he has his own problem, a deep-seated jealousy of anyone who is to do with her past. When things aren't going the way he thinks they should, he loses his temper, shouts her down, and treats her like a child. The things he fell in love with her for, are the things that could eventually drive them apart and causes them both a lot of heartache. 

Just how far will she let him push her into compromising herself and her very soul for his sometimes, seemingly, perverse kind of love for her? He continually promises himself that he will stop manipulating her and yet he goes on and on until he ends up seeking psychiatric help for his problem. Even after visiting a psychiatrist, he drags Samantha right back to her childhood, to face her adoptive father in court. It's only when Pierre sees Samantha up in the dock, and testifying against her adoptive father, that he finally realises the dark places that he's been pushing her into.

* * * * * 

I am actually planning on writing the autobiography of Samantha, and her life as the rock and film star, at some point in the future.

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