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Woman undone (working title)
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So far, this one is just an outline. I thought it up around 18 months ago, but have been busy working on my other projects.


Biarritz: present day.

Sarah is 45 years old and a rich, high class, bitch. She leads a Playgirl lifestyle; she drinks to excess and takes drugs. She’s the talk of the tabloids and none of it is ever good. 
She has just dissolved her fifth marriage and knows her life is literally going down the toilet, so she is taking a vacation in Biarritz. She’s overweight and dresses herself up in clothing and make-up that is more suited for teenagers and much younger women. She is getting pissed in the bars, flirting with men who are young enough to be her sons and acting like a teenager every night. 

But someone, Louis, has his eyes on her, and not in a good way. He is planning to kidnap her, to make money for himself and the cause that has been his life since being a teen, the Basque separatist party, in the west of France. 

Louis and his younger brother, Fabien, kidnap Sarah, late one night, whilst she’s in a drunken stupor. But what the kidnappers don’t know is, she is an Insulin dependent diabetic. 
This is going to cause some huge problems; they know they are going to have to rob a chemist for her Insulin, to keep her alive long enough to collect the ransom.
They contact her step-brother, Michael, to tell him that they’ve got her and they want a big ransom; but he offers to pay them more money to kill her, so that he can inherit the family fortune.

The dilemma: Louis would willingly kill this woman off for money; she means nothing to him, as far as he’s concerned, the world wouldn’t miss her.
The younger brother, Fabien, isn’t quite so sure, he doesn’t think he could take part in her murder, especially after getting to know her over the few days since her capture. He is horrified in the ways in which he learns that Louis and Michael have devised to kill her, he considers them as barbaric. 
Louis and the step-brother are willing to let her die inhumanely: One - By withholding her Insulin injections, so that she dies painfully and very messily. Two - By refusing her the essential carbohydrates that she needs, via her food, and letting her slip into a diabetic coma. Either way will be a slow and excruciating way to die.

Fabien now has to choose; it’s between Sarah and Louis. Blood is thicker than water, but murder isn’t something he could ever take lightly.

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