Jean Réno by Elodie Caroline

Synopsis' for Jean Reno stories

Le Premier Cercle - Inside Ring
Couple's Retreat
Cash - Ca$h
Pink Panther 2
The Da Vinci Code
Le Tigre et la Neige
Hotel Rwanda
L'Empire des loups
The birth of The Pink Panther
L'enquête Corse
Les anges de l'apocalypse
Tais toi!
Décalage horaire
Just visiting
Les rivières pourpres
Le couloirs du temps
Un amour de Sorcière
Roseanna's Grave
Le Jaguar
Mission Impossible
Les soeurs soleil
Par-delà les nuages
French kiss
Les Truffes
Léon - The Professional
Les visiteurs
Flight from justice
La vis
L'Operation Corned Beef
Loulou graffiti
L'homme au masque d'Or
Zone rouge
Le grand bleu
I love you
Strictement personnel
Le dernier combat
Notre histoire
Signes extériers de richesse
Les bidasses aux grandes manoeuvres
La passante du sans-sourci
On n'est pas des anges...elles non plus
Voulez-vous un bébé nobel
Clair de femme
L'Hypothèse du tableau volé
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The man with the child in his eyes

The story I've finished:
A tough, middle-aged, bodyguard, Pierre, is employed to look after Samantha, a middle-aged recluse rock star. Some one is out to kill her; this person has already killed her husband and her baby, whilst after her ten years ago. Pierre hates Samantha with a passion, he always has done, she is nothing but a Diva in his eyes. She swears like a trouper, smokes, and gets stroppy, she is a controversial wild-child, or rather, she was when she was in the limelight. She is also everything that Pierre has ever hated in a woman, the total opposite of what he does actually like in females.
Pierre is tactless and gruff, he's middle-aged and lonely, he opens his mouth before he thinks and always puts both his big feet straight into it. He is a control freak and a perfectionist in the things he does, he is also an introverted snob. He is tough and has only ever given his heart to one woman, that was thirty years ago. The only people who ever see his softer side are his two small nephews.
Samantha is on the run and in hiding, but she puts her head in the sand by pretending that bad things aren't happening; if she doesn't think about them, they ain't going on. She is also very sensitive, but she hides it under a tough, stubborn exterior and a wicked sense of humour. Although she has been suffering a mild depression since the death of her baby and husband, she is very strong mentally when she has to be, she won't let anyone fool her.
The two of them are put together through the present situation and have lots of arguments, and plenty of stand-offs ensue for the first few days. Then Pierre accidentally hurts Samantha and then finds out some very surprising and horrifying things to do with Samantha's past. There are things that he wants to put right for her; he is going to see her get real justice this time round, and will make this his last bodyguard job.
He likes Samantha’s strength of mind underneath her childlike ways, and he loves her sense of humour, he begins to fall in love with the person he once despised with a passion; but someone like her could never want someone like him, could she.
Samantha is insecure, fragile and psychologically damaged, but her humour, determination, and fight to have a life once again, makes her see things differently than what she has done over the last ten years. She likes Pierre a lot too, he makes her feel safe, she respects him, and he actually makes her feel happy for the first time in ten years. But she doesn't realise just how much she does like him... until it's nearly too late.

A crime to love

In this one: which I actually started in 2004, but have yet to finish...

A top French Policeman, Antoine, starts a passionate love affair with a woman, Ellie, whom was brought in for questioning from a strip-joint bust. She is one of the strippers. They both soon realize that they have a very strong sexual chemistry with one another, within days they are in love as well as in lust.
After around six months the Policeman’s wife catches on; She’s a very cold woman, inside and outside of the bedroom, but she wants to keep her husband — so she devises a cunning plan to separate the two lovers, one which she knows will make her husband stay with her.
Her plan works for a while, he will stay because he loves his children. The wife makes him move hundreds of miles away and forces him into a boring new job in a village police station; she then does something to make her husband hate her. He finally ups and leaves her.
He doesn’t know where his lover is and he falls into bad company with an old friend from university and helps to plan a major crime. Little does Antoine know, but his old university friend is also wanted around Northern Africa and many parts of Europe for some very violent and horrific crimes.
He eventually meets up with his ex-lover Ellie and finds out that he is a father to her little girl, which he didn't know existed and they start all over again.
They eventually get parted again, this time it is by something terrible and beyond their control.

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